Industrial strainers and filters Simplex and duplex basket strainers Kinney backwash filters

Oxford Filtration

Oxford Filtration is a market leading supplier and manufacturer of pipeline strainers including:

Industrial Strainers and Filters
  • Simplex and duplex basket strainers
  • Self clean filters
  • Temporary strainers
  • Y type strainers
  • Wedge wire elements

All in a vast range of materials, pressures and sizes.

We also supply:

  • S.P.Kinney Backwash Filters
  • Compressed Air Filters
  • Kraissl Transfer Valves

Filtres Simplex, Passoire à panier Simplex, Filtre à panier écran simplex, Filtres duplex, Filtre à panier duplex, Passoire à panier duplex, Filtre autonettoyant, Éléments de fil d'angle, Filtres temporels, Piège à poussière temporaire


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