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Auto Duplex Basket Strainer Range

Auto Duplex Basket Strainer Range

Our duplex basket strainer range can be semi automated in most pipe sizes and material combinations.

When a pre set (adjustable) differential pressure figure is reached (monitored by an Oxford differential pressure switch with visual indicator, mounted on the unit) an IP65 actuator, mounted on the top of the strainer, can automatically switch the flow to the off duty chamber with the clean basket fitted.

An alarm can be triggered to indicate a high differential pressure has been reached and the switch over is occurring. Another switch combination can be offered that can also signal a higher dp switch setting to indicate an alarm condition when the switch over has not reduced the differential pressure

Whilst any of our duplex basket strainers can have our differential pressure indicator /switch fitted direct onto the basket chamber of the strainer, customers would sometimes like to also incorporate this semi automatic facility so there is a reduced need to monitor the differential pressure and thereby will provide more time to clean the dirty basket.