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Wedge Wire Elements: Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge Wire Screens

To complement our range of self cleaners and basket filters, we can now supply slot tubes, cylinders, and specialist design wedge wire products, including Wedge Wire Screens. Wire profiles from 0.75 mm to 2.2 mm wide are available. Alloys available include; Uranus 52N, 45N, Monel 400, 316Ti, 316L, 304. Various end pieces, in either stainless or plastic can be provided.

wedge wire element

Tolerances on the slots, diameter & conical shape:
Diameter < 110mm
80% of the slots: +/-0,010mm
15% with a deviation of the nominal slot of max. +/-0,015
5% with a deviation of the nominal slot of max. +/- 0,030
Diameter > 110mm
80% of the slots +/-0,020mm
15% with a deviation of the nominal slot of max. +/-0,030
5% with a deviation of the nominal slot of max. +/-0,050
Diameter > 268mm
80% of the slots: +/-0,050mm
20% with a deviation of the nominal slot of max. +/-0,1mm
5% with a deviation of the nominal slot of max. +/-0,050
Tolerances on the diameter
From Ø20 to Ø100 Standard +/- 0,3mm
From Ø101 to Ø164 Standard +/- 0,5mm
From Ø165 to Ø268 Standard +/- 1mm
From Ø269 to Ø305 Standard +/- 2mm
Special tolerances on request

Flow directions can be in to out, or out to in, burst and collapse pressures are available if required. The slots are spirally wound, and can be varied along the length.

Below is an example of a custom designed screen and brush cleaning assembly used in the nuclear marine industry.
slot tubes

Conical slot tubes, 57 to 137 diameter

  • Designed specifically to allow higher flow rates in a number of various configurations.
  • Higher surface areas by using filters inside filters, allowing more compact systems.
  • Retrofitting into longer housings, allows the total length to be utilised, as the conical design has the effect of creating an even pressure along the length of the tube.
  • If used in a backwash system, the even pressure allows better solids removal along the total length.
  • A full combination of conicals and cylindrical slot tubes, and flow directions is available.
  • Oxford Filtration can assist in designing a system to accommodate specific needs, including oval shaped slot tubes.

Continuous cylinders; from 24 mm diameter up to 260 mm diameter:

  • These cylinders have excellent roundness, the support bars are wrapped around the outside, allowing uninterrupted flow along the longitudinal slots.
  • We have a large range of slot widths and diameters, if you have a specific requirement, individual toolings can be manufactured.
  • Current range is from 10 micron, to 4 mm slot opening.

Quantities from 1 to 1,000+ can be supplied, our policy is to supply quality products at cost effective prices. Delivery times are dependant on if the products are from our standard or more specialist range.

Custom products can be designed and supplied, and due to recent investment in manufacturing, our range is continually under review for different requirements.

Futher examples of custom screen designs

Lateral screens in a sand filter
Lateral screens in a sand filter
Scallop screen
Scallop screen
Custom made design screen
Custom made design screen

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