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Self Cleaning Filters

Blade-type self-clean filters

These blade style self clean filters are used for the filtration of virtually all liquids from water to very high viscosity fluids where the filter is cleaned without the operator accessing the unit or even on a completely automatic basis with no operator involvement in the cleaning operation.

Oxford Filtration's innovative self-clean filter technology offers you improved output, greater efficiency and consistent quality in a cost-effective and reliable package which is supported by our excellent pre and after sales care.

The Advantages

  • Element cleaning without stopping or disrupting the fluid flow.
  • Element cleaning without fluid loss.
  • Fully enclosed system:
    • No operator contact with the fluid - ideal for hazardous or sensitive applications.
    • No externally introduced contamination problems - increases
      confidence in the quality of the filtered product.
    • Clean operating area and easy environmental contamination control.
  • Suitable for virtually all fluids of all viscosity levels.
  • Available with cast iron head and st steel bowl or all stainless steel construction.
  • Available manual or fully automated operation.
self-cleaning filters
  • automation option:
    • Eliminates operator involvement.
    • Optimises the cleaning frequency.
    • 'Fit and forget' philosophy.
    • 'Operational status' indication on the filter control panel.
    • Remote 'operational status' indication feature.
  • Working pressures to 14 Barg at 50C (lower pressure at a higher temperature) and up to 50 barg for the higher pressure range.
  • Working temperatures limited by seal material (state process conditions including temperature and pressure on any enquiry).
  • Choice of stainless steel or 'food compatible' plastic cleaning blades with 'wipe clean' technology.
  • Robust stainless steel elements with filtration ratings from 50 micron to 6mm (0.002" to 1/4").
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • 3 year material and workmanship warranty (excludes normal wear & tear).

The High Pressure (HP) Range

The High Pressure self clean filter is dimensionally and functionally similar to the Low Pressure self-clean filter but has a higher strength bowl retained by a flange. The High Pressure self-clean filter retains all the advantages of the Low Pressure self clean filter. The maximum working pressure of the High Pressure self-clean filter is:

  • 50 bar for steel and stainless steel filters.
  • 20 bar for cast iron filters.

self cleaning filters

Example of Applications

Paint and coatings industry Used as a fully automated quality control measure to ensure paint, ink , varnish etc is free of unwanted particulates in the process and filling lines. Used to replace paint bag filters, open sieves and other more labour intensive filtration methods.

Chemical industry Used for filtering process chemical liquids on a automated basis to protect pipeline equipment, as a quality control measure and replacing more manual methods of filtration generally.

Paper industry Frequently used for process water for example in the protection of spray nozzles on paper making machinery and also used on raw water intake and cooling water.

Power Used on industrial water for cooling and the filtration of sealing water to increase the service life of turbine shaft seals.

Water industry Used throughout the industry for straining of raw water usually before other finer filtration methods and on waste water treatment plant etc...

Food Used on suitable applications for example in the chocolate industry as a quality control measure and in the meat industry for process water filtration.

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