Self Cleaning Filters: LPH Self-clean Filters

The LPH self-clean filter is ideally suited to those applications where regular stirring of the fluid is beneficial and very low product loss is a essential. The LPH self-clean filter has all the advantages of the LP self-clean filter, plus:

  • Lift-out element and blade assembly for quick and easy change-over or cleaning.
  • Paddle stirs the fluid on the 'dirty' side of the element allowing agitation of the product and restricting build up of solids on the bowl.
  • Paddle directs the debris towards the discharge valve.
  • Optional paddle to stir the fluid on the 'clean' side of the element.
  • Self-draining at the end of a batch, minimising product losses.
  • Optional heating jacket.
  • High Pressure version available.
LPH Self-celan FIlter

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