Kinney strainers and filters Industrial filtering water, sewage, lakes, sea, acid

Kinney Backwash Strainers

Backwash Strainers and Filters
cooling, descaling, bearing lubrication, spraying, quenching


Designed for continuous removal of suspended particles from all types of liquids. Applications are in industrial plants river, lake, well or sea water for cooling, descaling, bearing lubrication, spraying, quenching and similar purposes. Pipe line sizes: 2" - 48" or larger upon application.

Liquids other than water such as chemicals, acids, white water (paper mills), sewage and ammonia flushing liquor (coke plants) can also be effectively strained.


The strainer consists of a cylindrical drum with a number of threaded holes containing one of many types of straining media. The drum is supported on a rotating shaft fitted with bearings and is contained in a body having a vertical backwash slot opening adjacent to the drum surface.


The liquid to be strained enters the inlet connection located in the lower portion of the body and flows around the outer surface of the drum. The suspended particles are retained in the media pockets and the clean liquid passes through the media to the inside and bottom opening of the drum - leaving the body at the outlet connection located diametrically opposite the inlet.


The Kinney strainer elimiates troublesome disassembly by providing an opening in the side of the strainer body. To inspect the straining media, simply remove the cover and manually rotate the drum, (via a special shaft in the drive unit). As each row of media passes the inspection opening, easy access to the media is achieved.

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BODY Fabricated Steel
(Epoxy Lined)
Fabricated Steel
(Epoxy Lined) or
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Fabricated Steel
DRUM Cast Iron Ni-Resist Stainless Steel Cast Iron
MEDIA As Specified As Specified As Specified As Specified
MEDIA RETAINERS Delrin Stainless Steel Delrin Stainless Steel
SHAFT Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

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