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Collaboration with Major Adhesives Manufacturer

self clean filter for adhesives

As a result of extensive research and development initially carried out in the sugar industry, Oxford Filtration have developed a unique new screen for the self clean filter range which could benefit many niche applications across a wide range of industries.

Once such niche application is in the adhesives manufacturing process where a very accurate determination of filtration level was required. The new media has smooth, circular holes with a sharp edged aperture and a much greater open area than previous systems. In this application, at 250 micron, the open area was more than double the conventional system.

The filter uses a pair of precision stainless steel wiper blades which remove contaminants from the surface of the new screen, keeping the tapered deep hole perforations clean and functioning far more efficiently than other types of element. The unique design of the perforated screen prevents clogging and ensures particulates are removed fully automatically without backwashing.

The self clean filter can be used not only on adhesives and other very thick viscous fluids but on virtually any liquid including water. Oxford’s self clean filters offer significant advantages over older more conventional filter systems such as baskets strainers and bag filters. These advantages include savings in labour costs and improved health & safety of operators as well as much cleaner working environments.

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