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Installation of New Self Cleaning Filters at Pulp and Paper Mill in Portugal

A Finnish company Hyxo Oy based in Kerava, Finland recently supplied Oxford Filtration Self Clean Filters to filter sealing water to a Pulp and Paper factory in Cacia Portugal.

Such a factory is nearly always built near to a lake or a river to ensure continuous raw water supply. The water can then be treated in different ways dependent on the final application. At the water station the water is usually mechanically and chemically treated. It is important to have a reliable quality of water at the entry to the plant. The cost of using poor quality raw water for process water use on applications where quality level needs to be good is too expensive at the point of use unless it is adequately cleaned at this initial stage.

At the end of the main inlet pipe is most often installed a coarse pre-screen. The filtration rate is between 10-20 mm. This ensures that no wood parts, plastics bags or other large particle sized debris would enter to the water station.

At the water station will be the final mechanical filtration with Oxford self cleaning units. The filtration rate is normally 100 - 500 µm dependent on the dirt content of water. Humus is the most common debris that should be filtered off before it would enter the factories process water circuit. Self cleaner is installed and "forgotten" as the automation control takes care of the cleaning cycle.

After the mechanical filtration the water can be used for example as cooling water. The filtered water does not anymore consist of humus that would in normal cases clog the heat exchangers surfaces. That will cause less heat exchange power.

The water can also be further treated with sand filters and chemical treatment dependent on the application where the water is used.

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